Zhang Liang returned strongly as an assistant, and the total cost of God-level equipment is only 4470? (two)
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Zhang Liang returned strongly as an assistant, and the total cost of God-level equipment is only 4470? (two)

Zhang Liang returned strongly as an assistant, and the total cost of God-level equipment is only 4470? (two)

Zhang Liang was once rated as a lukewarm support. The mid laner’s burst is not as good as other mages. The support is like an actor player. It has less defense power and limited ability to protect people. It is obviously a strong hero. Eliminated, forced to become an unconventional support, and looked down upon by others, but fortunately, the professional players never gave up on this mage.

Since it is a support , don’t waste the mechanism of the toolman mage. The ultimate move is Zhang Liang’s ultimate move, just like Donghuang Taiyi’s sucking people, controlling all heroes, and the hero ban rate is not as high as Donghuang’s. Obviously everyone is small Looking at this mage, maybe Zhang Liang has short hands, a short casting distance, and a fragile body, so his big move is easily interrupted. If he uses all the skills and chooses the wrong time to use his skills, and is attacked by an assassin, it must be completely useless. The strength is no longer there, but the auxiliary effect is not bad. Little A successfully played him all-around.

Only five pairs of shoes are required for god-level production

Don’t look at Zhang Liang as a support, it’s not difficult to pretend . A crispy walking support, a full-time tool man mage, has always been a half-meat. In fact, he needs a lot of attributes, such as movement speed, skill cooldown, Endurance, double resistance. The speed of movement is convenient for Zhang Liangyou to quickly support, use big moves to catch people, skill cooling improves skill use, battery life needs mana to continue throwing skills, dual resistance can cooperate with passive real damage.

Have you noticed that the attributes that this support needs can be provided by a pair of shoes? Little A is interested in this point. He needs speed, has sprint shoes, needs CD, has calm boots, needs defense power, and has resistance shoes. Five pairs of shoes can solve the equipment Zhang Liang needs, plus the auxiliary equipment of running wolf, which can increase the movement speed for himself and his teammates. It is suitable for starting a team first, and the total price is only 4470 Don’t wait until the end of the day to wait for the equipment to take shape.

Be careful with titles

Imagine you give 4470 gold to another regular support, what can you buy? There should be only one shoe and equipment. If you buy Bingxin, you don’t need to buy the Holy Grail. If you have the Holy Grail, you have to give up the pain mask. If you have more auxiliary stones, your development will be suppressed. To complete the Liushen outfit, you must drag it until the later stage. Today’s version Acceleration in the early stage, a small amount of gold coins required, can produce amazing effects, even the game system can’t see it, some players said that losing the game may face the danger of being banned, do you dare to accept this price?

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