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Zeys Leaks Players to be Promoted to EVOS Legends | 77577sports

At the beginning of the MPL ID season 10 season, EVOS Legends is in a good position. Many think the White Tiger is just one eye at the beginning of the season. Their roster is really fresh and a lot of young players factor into this assumption. During the season break ahead of season 10, EVOS Legends announced the separation of this M1 trio.

As we know, for the first time EVOS Legends has a roster without any M1 class at all. After Oura and Donkey retired consecutively after being world champions, REKT, Wann, and Luminaire finally made the same decision.

Initially there were Ferxiic, Bajan, Pendragon, Dlar, Clover, Cr1te, Vaanstrong, and Tazz. But in the final exchange, Ferxiic and Bajan were demoted to MDL and Zeys included Sutsujin with Dreams.

One of the factors behind the rise of EVOS Legends is the addition of two of their MDL players, namely Sutsujin and Dreams. Their performance was extraordinary when they beat favorite teams like ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi. With Sutsujin and Dreams, now EVOS can only add one more player in MPL, who do you think will go up?

Many are curious about the players that will be raised, coupled with rumors circulating that slots will be filled from the Public. In a live stream on his YouTube channel, EVOS Legend coach, Zeys revealed that they are currently selecting one of the four EVOS players who will move up to MPL.

“We are thinking about the prospect of players who can move up (to EVOS Legends). The possibilities with the greatest odds are Branz, Saykots, and Ferxiic. These three are the biggest and the most MDL, but there is only one slot,” said Zeys.

“We also want to try to raise one person from the public, maybe yes. We will think about it first because there is only one slot left. Who is from the public? Not from the MPL or MDL teams,” he added.

Zeys and other EVOS Legends members made EVOS fans even more curious about the identity of the public player. However, this person has such great abilities that the coach is very interested and immediately promotes him to MPL.

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