Young and promising Celtics offensive star Brown supports women to become entrepreneurs
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Young and promising Celtics offensive star Brown supports women to become entrepreneurs

Jaylen Brown, the 25-year-old offensive player of the Boston Celtics, recently announced on social media that he plans to cooperate with Legal Zoom in a project called “Fast Break for Small Business”. To support and promote a fair environment for women’s entrepreneurship.

Brown is an NBA player with knowledge and basketball skills. He has excellent academic performance since he was a child. He was also a highly talented scorer in high school and a player with excellent learning ability.

Brown is not only proficient in sports and chess, he is also very focused on the knowledge field of study and research, is familiar with multiple languages, is good at playing the piano, and is also interested in studying history, philosophy, sociology and other topics. Outspoken on topics such as politics, education, women and racism, he is a player who dares to speak his mind.

And Brown now hopes to help and provide women with a good and fair resource and environment through cooperation with American legal technology companies.

According to a study by the American Legal Technology Company, although women are also affected by the wave of entrepreneurship, women only receive a small number of small business funds in traditional financial institutions, which leads to huge obstacles for women on the road to entrepreneurship. Even in the end can only be discouraged.

As a youth who has been concerned about social issues for a long time, Brown is determined to provide a good competitive environment for community service that has been neglected in the United States. At the same time, he also cares about the development of the sports world and is determined to become a member of the National Basketball Association Players Union. Chairman, because he thinks the league still has a lot to improve.

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