Xiao Ming’s best partner is out, but it’s not a descendant?
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Xiao Ming’s best partner is out, but it’s not a descendant?

Xiao Ming's best partner is out, but it's not a descendant?

Auxiliary should be the backbone behind all positions. If a hero is in trouble, he must quickly support him to avoid damage to his teammates, or help drive away the enemy. It is not anyone’s exclusive bodyguard, but wanders everywhere. In the past, if you only Follow a person and watch other positions get pressed and ignore it, then prepare to be verbally attacked by teammates.

The assistant is the shooter’s exclusive bodyguard

With the revision of the season, the support has already become the shooter ‘s personal ointment. The shooter without support is more likely to be targeted by the enemy. He is naturally fragile, and he takes a dead shot without displacement. Not only one person must fight against the opposing shooter, but also at any time. In the face of sneak attacks from assassins and mages, the four came to confront the road. It is not difficult to kill by leaping the tower. The current development road shooter, without support, really can’t survive.

The auxiliary gameplay is very simple. At the beginning, it is to go to the middle to help the mage develop, or protect the assassin, and be careful of being knocked out. Once the jungler successfully takes the buff, don’t move around, quickly return to the shooter, guard his development, as a late stage. At the core position, you don’t want to see the shooter collapse, the early assassin is not strong, and the game is lost.

The shooter has auxiliary protection, one plus one gameplay, the effect is definitely greater than two, the auxiliary is divided into various types, soft auxiliary, hard auxiliary, choose the best auxiliary for the team.

Xiao Ming became a popular assistant

Among all the supports, Ming Shiyin is the hottest this season. He uses the first skill to connect the shooter to provide an attack power bonus. You can also click the second skill at any time to convert it into a defense power bonus. The blood volume is passed to the shooter, and then he slowly recovers a certain blood volume. Although it is not a soft assistant, his ability to protect people is still worthy of praise.

Here comes the problem, although the responsibility of the assistant is to cooperate with the shooter, if you want to hit amazing damage and effects, you must choose the right shooter in the end. For example, Yao is also a versatile assistant whose main function is to attach himself to the shield, but there are many shooters. Among them, only Ma Yao’s combination is outstanding. Yao’s one skill makes up for Mark’s lack of control. If you move past to deal damage, you can rely on Yao’s control to keep the enemy in place.

On the other hand, Xiaoming is a shooter with high flexibility. It is really difficult to connect continuously. One skill can be disconnected at any time. In the end, there is no bonus, and Xiaoming is wasted as an assistant.

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