Xiao Ming’s best partner is out, but it’s not a descendant? (three)
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Xiao Ming’s best partner is out, but it’s not a descendant? (three)

Xiao Ming's best partner is out, but it's not a descendant? (three)

Players have experienced how strong the descendant this season is . Compared with other heroes, the descendant’s development ability is particularly fast, which may be related to his attack speed and skills. After stacking three layers of passive, he will shoot three arrows and split. The damage, plus a skill to strengthen the basic attack, cause orb damage, the clear line is very fast, probably in the mid-term, with his high economy, he can already take over the rhythm from the assassin and continue to play output.

In the later stage, the core equipment was made, and the damage was clear at a glance. The bow and arrow were like a machine gun. When combined with Ming Shiyin, the attack speed, movement speed and damage were improved. Xiao Ming carried the weakening to reduce the damage of the enemy, and the descendants brought the rage, and continued to push the attributes to the peak. The position is stable enough, and it is easy to play an advantage, and it is not a problem to fight two against five.

Tianmei has recently strengthened the passive damage of the descendants, so everyone says that the descendants are Xiao Ming’s best partner. As long as a teammate chooses the descendants, they will automatically choose Xiaoming to fill the position and go to the battlefield together. The representatives of the dead shooters are the descendants and Di Renjie, but everyone Seems to have forgotten about Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan snubbed

In the past, when Ming Shiyin first went online, some players tried to use Baili to keep the promise, and the sniper damage of the second skill was simply open, and one shot was fatal. Under normal use, everyone found that Genghis Khan was the best choice, but the season was revised, the descendants were strengthened, and a new shooter appeared. Xiaoming became the descendant’s best friend. The skin, the player’s impression of him, is probably only the “skinless village chief”.

Although Genghis Khan is relatively unpopular, it does not mean that his strength is low. The winning rate of high-end rounds has always been high, the output method is single, the gameplay is not many, and the victory lies in the high survival rate. The area and the vision along the way, the traps of the second skill, can also be placed in the grass to avoid the enemy’s ambush. Lack of displacement, but the visual field mechanism improves the survival rate, and the developmental pathway can stabilize the output.

In addition, the big move can be combined with the passive to play the pursuit effect. Genghis Khan standing in the grass is particularly flexible, moving fast, and the basic attack is converted into a two-game winning streak. His disadvantage is that his development is slow, and he is accompanied by Ming Shiyin, which directly compensates for the development speed. With more movement speed and attack speed, there is no need to find a way to hide in the grass to output. From this, it can be seen that Genghis Khan is the best partner of Ming Shiyin .

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