World Junior Championships 2022 | Indonesia Runner Up, China Buys 3 Titles
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World Junior Championships 2022 | Indonesia Runner Up, China Buys 3 Titles

World Junior Championships 2022 | Indonesia Runner Up, China Buys 3 Titles

Passed two of his representatives in the final of the 2022 World Junior Championships (BWF World Junior Championships 2022). So, Indonesia didn’t get the crown title. The final round of the BWF World Junior Championships 2022 took place at the Palacio de Deportes de Santander, Spain, Sunday.

The first final of the 2022 World Junior Championships mixed doubles, which brought together two Chinese inferior dyads. Where, Zhu Yi Jun/ Liu Sheng Shu and Liao Pin Yi/ Huang Ke Xin are the unseeded brace.

It took 62 twinkles for Zhu Yi Jun/ Liu Sheng Shu to beat their compatriots. They assured the title through a three- game match, 21- 10, 18- 21, and 21- 10. The only Japanese representative who qualified for the final was Tomoka Miyazaki. Yuan An Qi will face Tomoka Miyazaki in the final match for the title.

Yuan An Qi, had delayed Tomoka Miyazaki’s palm by winning the alternate game. Indeed, though Tomoka Miyazaki formerly won the first game 21- 14. Yuan An Qi managed to turn effects around by winning four successive points. As a result, Yuan An Qi managed to win the alternate game by 22- 20.

Still, in the third game Tomoka Miyazaki returned to control the game and won 21- 17. After contending for 81 twinkles, the title of Women’s Mates Junior World Champion belongs to Tomoka Miyazaki.

China Buys 3 Titles

China Buys 3 Titles
China dominates 2022 World Junior Championship podium

In the men’s singles number, Chinese Taipei player, Kuo Kuan Lin, managed to beat the 4th seed from India, S Sankar Muthusamy Subramanian. Meanwhile, the Indonesian women’s doubles who were the first seeds, Trias Puspita Sari/ Rachel Rose didn’t manage to develop their game well.

The last men’s doubles final match was Indonesia’s last stopgap for the title. Erwiansyah/ Patra who are seeded 4th, since the first round also showed an emotional game. Facing the Chinese men’s doubles, Xu Hua Y/ Zhu Yi Jun, the Indonesian men’s doubles lost first in the first game 18- 21. But managed to reply 21- 14 in the alternate game.

The third game match came tense. Following the figures from the launch of the third game, China’s doubles managed to reach a match point of 20- 18. Putra Patra only had time to equate 20- 20 but also lost 20- 22. China completes the third title he has won. Indonesia only got two runners over.

World Junior Championships 2022 Results

Mixed doubles

Zhu Yi Jun/Liu Sheng Shu (China) – Liao Pin Yi/Huang Ke Xin (China) 21-10 18-21 21-10

Women’s Singles

Tomoka Miyazaki (Japan) – Yuan An Qi (China) 21-14 20-22 21-17

Men’s singles

Kuo Kuan Lin (China Taipei) – S Sankar Muthusamy Subramanian (4, India) 21-14 22-20

women’s doubles

Meilysa Trias Puspita Sari/Rachel Allessya Rose (1) – Liu Sheng Shu/Wang Ting Ge (China) 14-21 16-21

Men’s doubles

Muhammad Putra Erwiansyah/Patra Harapan Rindorindo (4) – Xu Hua Yu/Zhu Yi Jun (China) 18-21 21-14 20-22


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