Will the Celtics introduce 38-year-old veteran Anthony to replace the injured new aid Gallinari?
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Will the Celtics introduce 38-year-old veteran Anthony to replace the injured new aid Gallinari?

After 34-year-old Danilo Gallinari joined the Boston Celtics in the offseason, but suffered a knee injury during the 2023 World Cup qualifier in August this year, the outside world is still in the dark. There is speculation over whether the Celtics will enter free agency and sign a veteran to replace Gallinari. And the current hot candidate in the market, veteran forward Carmelo Anthony , 38 , is linked with the Celtics.

Originally, the Celtics offered Gallinari a two-year, $13 million contract in the offseason, using him as an offensive support, not only to help offense leaders Jason Tatum and the 36-year-old. Veteran forward Al Horford has the task of scoring, as well as bolstering the rotation’s backcourt depth and pitching efficiency.

But now Gallinari’s injury season may be reimbursed, which means that the Celtics will lose the support of the newly signed veteran in the new season. The 38-year-old Anthony seems to be a better replacement, he is good at low-post offense in the restricted area easily. Meanwhile, Anthony’s 37.5 percent shooting from the outside and 44.1 percent from the field also boosted the Los Angeles Lakers’ overall shooting percentage last season.

Although he has been in NBA career for nearly 20 years but missed the championship, the veteran can still serve as an offensive auxiliary scorer, and has a wealth of on-court experience and a positive attitude, and can definitely be part of the Celtics rotation. A solid core veteran on the offensive end.

However, in an interview with the Celtics podcast today, Marc Murphy, who writes about the team, said Anthony is unlikely to be the team’s urgent acquisition this summer. Murphy thinks the Celtics will take into account the 40-year-old’s waning physicality that will affect the efficiency of offensive athleticism, coupled with Anthony’s unsatisfactory performance on the defensive end, will lead to the defensive efficiency of the team’s rotation. Dropped, he concluded that the Celtics would not take the risk of signing Anthony.

Murphy also raised the possibility that the Celtics could make a move to trade Gallinari for a valuable player. The team will not be anxious to pursue the deal and is expected to wait until the league trade deadline to complete.

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