Who gets eliminated is unknown, these fighters never go out of style. (five)
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Who gets eliminated is unknown, these fighters never go out of style. (five)

Who gets eliminated is unknown, these fighters never go out of style. (five)

Playing Guan Yu ‘s skills well is to master the timing of entering the field, the direction of repelling, and understanding his skill mechanism. Little friends probably found that every skill in the charge posture can play a knockback effect and push the enemy away from teammates. , or push them into the defensive tower after the team battle, or break up the lineup, how to separate the back row from the front row depends on the player’s awareness and operation.

Stable win rate

Although the operation is extremely difficult, Guan Yu’s intensity is not necessarily low, and the appearance rate and win rate are very stable. He has not changed his body because of the season revision or equipment adjustment, becoming a superhero, or being officially put into the cold palace.

After learning Guan Yu well, there is no obstacle in the way of ascending points. It is not difficult to become the strongest king and get the mark. Even if the low-level game is in a headwind and the assassin is not powerful, with Guan Yu alone, he can come. It’s a big comeback, don’t forget that he has continuous control skills, if you get serious, the enemy has no power to fight back.

Players who have high damage themselves and want to play in groups to improve their survival rate can buy more defensive equipment and focus on killing crispy skins in seconds. Of course, they can play full output equipment, but it is a test of skill connection. Not only that, Guan Yu’s ability to clear the line is very high. With just one skill, he can clear the straight line of troops. Then he rides to other branches to support, pushes a few times, and then runs back to confront the road.

Ma Chao

Guan Yu is not the only top laner who relies on movement speed to deal damage. Ma Chao relies heavily on movement speed. He throws darts to deal damage first, and then picks up darts to increase movement speed. A fast-moving hero obviously has high flexibility and good support capabilities. With a sprinting Ma Chao, he can even compete with Guan Yu and chase each other. It is conceivable how powerful the movement speed damage of these two people is.

Because the mechanism is too powerful, even if it has been weakened three times, the winning rate of the high-end game still makes the player’s eyes shine. It is unbelievable. The damage is calculated as a percentage of health. In the later stage, even the tank is not his opponent, and he will die suddenly if he pokes it.

Combining the mechanics of these three fighters , the common point is that they have strong mobility and varied skills in use. Although the strength is not comparable to the son of the version, they can also produce amazing effects by relying on the mechanism alone.

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