Vinicius Jr.: Football racists should be banned from stadiums
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Vinicius Jr.: Football racists should be banned from stadiums

Real Madrid forward Vinicius Jr has called for racist fans to be banned from the stadium.

Vinicius , 22 years old, said racists ” must pay for their actions ” after they were abused before and during last month’s Madrid derby.

Before kick-off, hundreds of Atlético de Madrid fans were filmed chanting “Eres un mono , Vinicius eres un mono” outside Civitas Metropolitano stadium, which translates to ” You are a monkey, Vinicius you are a monkey “.

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Similar chants against Vinicius could be heard in the stadium after the match, prompting an investigation by the Madrid prosecutor’s office.

Last month’s abuse of Vinicius comes just days after Spanish agents’ association president Pedro Bravo said on TV show El Chiringuito that the Brazilian was celebrating with disrespect for his opponent, comparing his behavior to a monkey. .

The incident sparked widespread support for Vinicius, especially his countrymen. Neymar, Pele and Bruno Guimaraes are all defending Vinicius.



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