Vinicius hope to score 30 goals this season
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Vinicius hope to score 30 goals this season

According to Spanish media reports, the 22-year-old Real Madrid winger Vinicius believes he can exceed 30 goals this season. In the La Liga match against Espanyol, Vinicius also scored his second goal of the season.

In the 2021/22 season, Vinicius scored 22 goals, breaking his own scoring record. After officially joining Real Madrid in 2018, Vinicius scored five goals in 2019/20 and six in 2020/21. Therefore, Vinicius’ scoring efficiency has been greatly improved.

In addition, Vinicius also helped Real Madrid win the 14th Champions League last season, and the goal in the final was also crucial. Although Vinicius is only 22 years old, the star’s scoring record has equaled Bell’s record of 22 goals in a single season at Real Madrid, and is the team’s second scorer after French star Benzema . In addition to the dazzling statistics in scoring, Vinicius also contributed 13 assists and made 5 penalties last season.

Although it is a very difficult goal to score 30 goals in a single season, Vinicius’ shooting has also improved to a certain extent, and the overall performance of the team is also very stable. Vinicius has to achieve this goal. Goals are not impossible tasks either. It is worth noting that Vinicius has played 52 games for Real Madrid in 56 games in the 2021/22 season, reaching an amazing attendance rate of 93%.

According to media reports, Real Madrid has planned to start contract renewal negotiations with Vinicius, and hopes to renew the contract until 2028, but Vinicius prefers to only renew the contract until 2026 or 2027.

On the other hand, Real Madrid will be at home against Real Betis in the fourth round of La Liga, so whether Real Madrid can achieve a 4-game winning streak in the league, then fans should not forget to follow our website 77577 to learn more about La Liga The latest news about the league.


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