Transformation Team FIFA will be formed, is PSSI included in the team?
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Transformation Team FIFA will be formed, is PSSI included in the team?

A FIFA Transformation Team will be formed, is PSSI included in the team?

The Indonesian government together with FIFA and the AFC will form a Transformation Team. The platoon was to fix the governance of public football following the Kanjuruhan Tragedy incident. What are the tasks of the Transformation Team, and will PSSI join the platoon?

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated” The Indonesian government will form a Transformation Team with FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).” Jokowi said after entering FIFA’s letter.

The FIFA Transformation Team, AFC, and the Government of Indonesia have five major tasks.

  1. Establish colosseum safety norms in all colosseums in Indonesia.
  2. Formulate standard protocols and security procedures. The police will do it grounded on transnational security norms.
  3. Conducting socialization and conversations with football clubs in Indonesia, including sympathizers’ representatives. In order to get suggestions and input as well as a participated commitment.
  4. Set a match schedule that takes into account the implicit pitfalls that live.
  5. Presenting backing from experts in their fields.

When is the Transformation Team Formed?

The Transformation Team will be formed soon. videlicet, after FIFA President Gianni Infantino arrives in Indonesia on 18 October. The Indonesian government, FIFA, and the AFC didn’t set an exact time for how long the Transformation Team would work.

Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, who met directly with Gianni Infantino said that latterly FIFA and AFC would have services in Indonesia with the Transformation Team.

” It could be three to six months, it could be a time depending on our mindfulness and amenability. So I suppose in the letter it was clear that FIFA didn’t prioritize warrants. But the metamorphosis of football must be,” said Erick Thohir.

Is PSSI in the Team?

When the Indonesian government issued a letter regarding the Transformation Team, it noway mentioned PSSI’s name. Menpora Zainudin Amali said that. Because the Team is the result of direct communication between FIFA and the Government of Indonesia.

still, Amali assured that PSSI would also be involved in the work of the Transformation Team. Because PSSI is part of the FIFA system.

” I suppose it’s like this, this is internal to the government. If we look at Presidential Instruction No. 3 of 2019 concerning the Acceleration of National Football Development, PSSI also does not mention anything,” said the Menpora.

” But the Ministry of Youth and Sports clearly knows with whom we’ve to do it. And we involve everything from class design. also planning for early nonage development, all with PSSI,” he continued.

The FIFA letter also stated that PSSI was part of the collaboration to fix Indonesian football.

” Despite the graveness of the case, and the fact that it could lead to warrants by FIFA. The following cooperative sweats for immediate action are proposed to be carried out under the supervision and common involvement of FIFA, the AFC and the Government of Indonesia, and in collaboration with PSSI,” the party wrote FIFA.


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