Tottenham vs Nottingham Forest Conte believes in Son Heung-Min ability
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Tottenham vs Nottingham Forest Conte believes in Son Heung-Min ability

Tottenham Hotspur will go to the away game against newly-promoted Nottingham Forest in the fourth round of the Premier League, and Tottenham coach Conte also hopes that Son Heung-min, who has not yet scored, can break the scoring drought in this game.

The South Korean star Son Heung -min, who won the Premier League Golden Boot last season, has not scored any goals against Southampton, Chelsea and Wolves since the start of the new season, so if he fails to make a breakthrough in this round Stars may face more pressure. After the new aid Richarlison from Brazil switched to Tottenham from Everton, he is still trying to find his own place on the field.

Conte said in a pre-match interview that Son Heung-min had a chance to score in the past 3 games, but he lacked some luck at certain moments. He also believed that the Korean star’s performance was fine and worked very hard. “Son Heung-min scored 23 goals last season, so I believe that when he scores, he will regain his confidence.”

It is worth mentioning that Tottenham Hotspur is in the same group as Frankfurt, Marseille and Sporting Portugal in the Champions League. Conte also hopes that Tottenham can enter the round of 16 or even go further.

In addition, Nottingham Forest , who returned to the Premier League after 23 years, defeated West Ham and drew with Everton after losing to Newcastle in the first round of the new season. The battle with Tottenham can be traced back to the 2014 England League Cup, when Tottenham won 3-1.

Other games include Gerrard’s Aston Villa at home against bottom-placed West Ham and Wolves at Newcastle away.


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