To prevent NBA games from being postponed, commissioner Silver sets new coronavirus rules for new season
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To prevent NBA games from being postponed, commissioner Silver sets new coronavirus rules for new season

According to recent reports by well-known NBA reporters and sports insiders, in order to prevent the risk of postponement or cancellation of the league’s 2022-2023 season due to the new crown virus , President Xiao Hua will formulate several new rules in the new season to allow each Big teams abide by the protocol.

“Weekly Surveillance Testing and Reporting”

In a memo released today, the league told all league teams that the league will adopt a surveillance testing strategy and that unvaccinated NBA players and staff must undergo a new coronavirus nucleic acid test once a week during the new season. .

For players and staff who have been vaccinated, they only need to be tested if they develop symptoms. In addition, all Alliance members will be required to report symptoms, including positive and indeterminate test results. Any family members who test positive for a player or staff member must be reported to the league, and the league will quarantine players and staff members as soon as they test positive.

“No need to wear a mask”

The memo also stated that the new coronavirus protocol in the new season does not require players and staff to wear masks, but the league recommends wearing them to protect themselves in indoor areas where government officials have classified the level of the new coronavirus as high risk.

Current vaccination status of NBA players

In fact, most NBA players and staff were vaccinated against the new crown last season, but the league still needs to understand their vaccination status and encourage all staff and NBA players to use vaccine boosters.

However, ahead of the official start of the 2022-2023 season , it’s unclear whether the league has contingency plans in place to deal with the circumstances and severity of the outbreak that begins to break out in the league.

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