Time is short, you might as well try these ceiling heroes to fill the position.
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Time is short, you might as well try these ceiling heroes to fill the position.

Time is short, you might as well try these ceiling heroes to fill the position.

Although players say that choosing a hero depends on the lineup, before entering the game, everyone must have expected the hero they want to play. Life is impermanent, and sometimes what you want is not given to you. Pre-select a hero with a high ban rate, not to mention Looking forward to having the opportunity to bring it to the bureau, Haiyue is the best example. The strength of the newly launched mage exceeds the standard, and the official has not made any adjustments for the time being. As a result, the victim is sent to the forbidden area. Even if the teammates are willing to let her out, the opponent will not easily slip, unless there are people on the opposite side who want Haiyue.

The pre-selected heroes are banned or robbed by any party without warning. You who have not returned to your soul can’t make up your mind at all, feel astonished, can’t make a decision, and the time is a bit cramped. If you don’t think about it, the system will automatically choose it for you. The most commonly used hero may just happen to collide with other teammates. At that time, you will be unhappy. You think that you have a mentality and don’t listen to any explanations. You probably don’t want to see your teammates enter the game.

Heroes are taken, don’t worry, if you need to fill positions , you may try these heroes. The combat power reaches the ceiling level, and the mechanism can add a lot of advantages to the team. Entering the game allows you to play to your heart’s content.

Middle: Wang Zhaojun

As a replacement hero in the middle , Wang Zhaojun would be the best option. She is famous and the number one tool mage. Although she does not have the suppressing skills of Zhang Liang and Donghuang Taiyi, this female mage controls her skills all over her body, allowing the line to let the economy, half of it. Half-flesh, full output equipment is not a problem, the equipment options are changeable, explosive, controllable, there is never a lack of advantages on the line, the control skills all over the body, even the normal attack can play a slowing effect, this type of mage , teammates will never dislike it, each rank is very popular, and will never be eliminated by the version.

First, there are control skills, as well as area damage skills. If you have something to do, throw a big move skill. Hail rains, want to clear the line to defend the tower, drive away the enemy, control the team battle, harvest the head, bring the line to press the tower, a skill in hand, Take away all your worries. A versatile mage, an all-around tool man, Wang Zhaojun ‘s excellent control ability is suitable for almost every lineup. If the hero is robbed, take Wang Zhaojun. Wondering about other split ceiling heroes? Friends, remember to stay at 77577 Sports, the next article will be announced for you.

source: live.77577.live

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