The son of the S29 season version is released, is there your natal hero? (Four)
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The son of the S29 season version is released, is there your natal hero? (Four)

The son of the S29 season version is released, is there your natal hero? (Four)

The position of the mage is Jin Chan, and the position of the assassin is Agudo, who is classified as a blue-collar wild. Before discussing the shooter, let’s take a look at their right-hand man and assistant. Will they rise in the S29 season? The highlight moments of the S28 season were all given to Ming Shiyin. After being strengthened by the official, his combat power is already high enough. First, use a skill to connect to cause continuous damage, and constantly attack the target on the way, stun it, and then use a big move when the blood is left. Consume blood and throw out orbs, deal high damage, and harvest heads.

If the player is willing to try unconventional gameplay and play with pure output, Xiao Ming in the early stage is extremely threatening, even more dangerous than Dong Huang Taiyi. When running to the enemy’s wild area, the primary purpose is to kill the first-level assassin first, and the normal attack distance is The range of a typical shooter is so powerful, the popularity of the S28 season has skyrocketed, and with the descendants of another version of the son, if you successfully win these two heroes, the winning rate has already exceeded half of the game, and the rest depends on the player’s operation and Compatibility between teammates.


A few seasons ago, Guiguzi was very strong. He could be regarded as a rhythm controller. His skills come with control effects. Let’s take a look at his skills first. , enter the disguise state after 1 second, during which Guiguzi and his teammates will increase the movement speed by 130% for 3 seconds, and at the same time gain the vision of the nearest enemy hero. In the camouflage state, if you use a basic attack, skill or cause a negative effect to the enemy, the camouflage state will be released by yourself.

In addition, with the passive skill “Horizontal and Horizontal Art of War”, if Guiguzi leaves the enemy’s field of vision for 3 seconds, he can strengthen his next basic attack, causing 300 spell damage and 50% deceleration to the range target for 1 second. From this, it can be seen that strengthening the basic attack also has a control effect, which can slow down the enemy.

The second skill “All things has spirit”, when activated, will cause 100 magic damage to the target every 0.5 seconds for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, it will pull the enemies within the range to Guiguzi’s side, stun for 1 second and cause damage at the same time. When this skill hits an enemy hero, Guiguzi and teammates within the range gain 500 shields.

The gameplay is very simple, first use the ultimate move to speed up the stealth for yourself and your teammates, then use the second skill to pull the enemy to your side, or gather them together.


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