The S29 season will be updated in advance, and the official will optimize the matching system? (two)
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The S29 season will be updated in advance, and the official will optimize the matching system? (two)

The S29 season will be updated in advance, and the official will optimize the matching system? (two)

The battle order system has been updated. In addition to double points, players can upgrade their nobility level as soon as possible. Then, a new benefit has been added to the V7 nobility. Irene ‘s limited legendary skin is about to be released. Noble players who have already surpassed the V7 level will automatically get it. , consumers who have not reached the level, they have to work harder and continue to recharge. The more money they spend, the more benefits they will receive.

It only costs 388 points, there are two skins, the points are doubled, and the optimized battle order package is too attractive. Can you still hold your wallet this time? In addition, the advanced version of the War Order Collection with 1288 coupons has more team halo. It is said that teaming up with friends will give you a gain effect in the game. Sure enough, the treatment of Krypton Gold is very good, and the benefits are countless, and you will get it at the beginning. The advantage is that players are required to consume and increase the winning rate of the game. Although the buff is currently unknown, players will be patient and wait for the official announcement.

The King’s Departure Mission

After changing the season, reset the rank, start all over again, and score points again in the new season. This is the mechanism of e- sports games. Of course, the higher the rank, the less you drop. The king rank will inherit from the masonry rank, the strongest. The king’s 50 stars will fall in the rank of Xingyao.

Everyone has to face the torment of playing qualifying and peak games again. I don’t know if this time will be difficult, especially the annoying matching mechanism. In order to balance the players’ psychology, the new season will add a new mission for the king’s departure.

Stubborn Bronze, Order Silver, Glory Gold, Noble Silver, Eternal Masonry, players who are in or beyond these tiers can receive benefits such as Masonry, Inscription, MVP Plus Star Card, Skin Experience Card, etc. Obviously, this wave of benefits is for Moe How can new players, who are classified as old players, appreciate this kind of sweetness, there is no shortage of bricks, no shortage of inscriptions, and no shortage of low-quality skin experience cards.

season skin

Following the exposure of the battle order skin, players began to wonder about the ownership of the limited skin in the S29 season. Some insiders previously revealed that Li Yuanfang, who will shoot for displacement, is not Jialuo, who is a dumb shooter. It seems that a large number of players guessed wrong, and the theme and special effects of the skin are still the same. There is no information yet, we are looking forward to the good-looking head after the game is updated. Do you guys still want to know what’s changed in the new season? Remember to browse 77577 sports more and pay close attention to the next article!


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