The S29 season will be updated in advance, and the official will optimize the matching system? (three)
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The S29 season will be updated in advance, and the official will optimize the matching system? (three)

The S29 season will be updated in advance, and the official will optimize the matching system? (three)

The last few articles mentioned the battle order skin, season skin and new benefits of the S29 season . Although the information about hero strength and equipment adjustment has not been exposed, the most surprising update is that the official finally intends to optimize the matching system. Poor Summoner They are constantly being matched by the mechanism to be teammates who do not match their strengths. The road to the mark of the king is full of thorns. It is not defeated by the strength of the enemy, but by the weakness of the teammates.

Don’t be too early to be happy. The S29 season will indeed optimize the matching system, but no one can be sure whether the matching mechanism has improved. Everyone knows that Tianmei adheres to the purpose of “maintaining the balance of the game”, but I don’t know how many players waste time. The result of the game, the game environment is bad, the players are rotten in the game, and they have no choice but to switch to the battle, saying in my heart that I am here for League of Legends .

Ranked team mechanism upgrade

The so-called “optimized matching system”, the official only focus on the ranking team mechanism, the previous ranking is divided into single row, multi-player ranking and five-player ranking, a total of two buttons, after the season, all will be combined into A “Qualifying” button.

After clicking the button of qualifying, there will be five position rooms, and then match according to the number of people.

Not only that, every time a teammate chooses an unpleasant hero in a qualifying match, or when a player falls out, teammates will deliberately choose an abnormal lineup, such as five mages and shooters, to restart the game. After the game restarts, the players in the team will automatically pop out of the room, and they have to enter the room again, invite friends, and match again. Next season, everyone does not need to open a new room.

Ban hero special effects

In order to prevent players from forgetting to disable heroes, special effects will be added in this regard. Before entering the game, there are more hero skills introductions on the interface, so that players can familiarize themselves with the opponent’s heroes before the game. What kind of operations and uses will the enemy heroes have. To sum up, this update mainly involves the optimization of the battle order and the ranking system, the new mage Haiyue is ready to go online, and the skin preview. Next season, let’s all work hard to score points in the high tier!


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