The 13888 jungler is underrated, cheap yet powerful. (two)
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The 13888 jungler is underrated, cheap yet powerful. (two)

The 13888 jungler is underrated, cheap yet powerful. (two)

Lanling King ‘s mechanism can play deceleration and control effects. The attribute has its own blood return. During the clearing period, the blood volume is consumed, so it is not more than worrying. Go to fight the dragon and bring the rhythm up quickly. It doesn’t matter if you are not strong enough in the later stage. At least until the shooter rises, he will take over and push the tower with the rhythm, and then the team battle will kill the C position.

The gameplay seems simple, but the fault tolerance rate is low in the later stage. When the economy of the two teams is equal, it cannot achieve the realm of killing the enemy in seconds. The Lanling King with full output equipment is like glass, and it will shatter when it is hit. Hit a control skill , after showing up, they are ready to be counter-killed, so there are often one-for-one scenes. Everyone in team battles collectively protects the shooters. It is really not easy to kill them.

Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong , specializing in hitting the enemy, is known as the monkey with his body skills. It is not a false name, and it is extremely mobile. After his passive release skills, the next basic attack is a powerful knock, charging to the target and causing physical damage. The damage can be Enjoy full crit benefits. From this, it can be seen that the close enemies are not bothered at all. The second skill is also a displacement skill. It charges to the designated position, moves to the side of the enemy, and then adds the ultimate skill to knock the ground control.

Sun Wukong is born with a 20% crit rate, but can only cause a 150% crit effect initially, which is extremely explosive. In addition, a skill can resist damage, and then enter the invincible state, surviving a shield. The mechanism includes control, displacement, crit, shield, and control-free. Monkeys are born to be simple and rude assassins. After unlocking the three skills, they can start to roam and catch people.

Even so, monkeys are more economical and need to develop. At full level, they can deal more than 3000 burst damage. It is not difficult to harvest in team battles. It is easier to take away the crispy skin. The development speed will not be slow, otherwise the economy will be backward, and no matter how much crit advantage, it will return to the west.

This season, Monkey’s appearance rate has declined. As a veteran jungler with many skin styles, this jungler is still a popular choice for new and old players, and he will not change when he reaches the strongest king rank.


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