The 13888 jungler is underrated, cheap yet powerful. (three)
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The 13888 jungler is underrated, cheap yet powerful. (three)

The 13888 jungler is underrated, cheap yet powerful. (three)

Lanling King and Sun Wukong are classified as assassins with a price of 13888 gold coins. Both have their own advantages. One is invisible and the other is displacement. It broke out, and the popularity of low tiers has not diminished. Unfortunately, there is a 13888 jungler whose strength is seriously underestimated by players. Finally, Sima Yi, the protagonist of this issue, is here.

Sima Yi has no weak period at all. It is a passive skill that automatically obtains the enemy’s vision, figuring out their position and whereabouts. After using the skill, he triggers the sickle to be strong. Therefore, after taking the buff, after unlocking the second skill, first grab the middle lane, and the first skill moves automatically. Behind the enemy, with the silence effect of the second skill, it prevents the enemy from using the enemy to counterattack, and it takes less than 10 seconds to kill the opponent.

After level 4, Sima Yi really ushered in a strong period. The casting range of his ultimate skills took up half of the map. With his passive vision, he could move to the opponent’s position at any time and use a series of skills to instantly kill them. The skill range is extremely far, and you can escape or support at any time.

not afraid of monkeys

The monkey has a skill that is invincible, but Sima Yi has a silent effect. Sun Wukong is strongly looking forward to the later stage, but the early stage failed to develop successfully. He was already suppressed by Sima Yi. The second skill was the first to hit the monkey. In terms of Sima Yi, a big move is better than his two displacements.

Not afraid of King Lanling

In addition to the first skill of restraining the monkey’s spell, there is also the stealth skill of King Lanling. Sima Yi’s passive will expose his vision. If you want to catch the crispy skin, you must first pass the level of Sima Yi, before using a set of skills. , may be the first to be silenced by Sima Yi and then killed instantly. He has stealth to leave, but unfortunately too close to the enemy, the effect will disappear automatically. On the other hand, Sima Yi, after rushing to kill the opponent, a big move back to his own wild area to continue to brush wild monsters, Compared with these two assassins, the rhythm is much more efficient in moving, clearing monsters, and catching people.

Easy to get started

Some players will say that Sima Yi is too difficult to use. It looks like a gimmick, but in fact, the hand is not very difficult. The ultimate move is used to enter or leave the field. , increases the team’s spell damage. This powerful hero, can you believe that his appearance rate is only 2%? Visible intensity is severely underestimated.


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