Swedish Football Association: Swedish players in Russia will be banned from the national team
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Swedish Football Association: Swedish players in Russia will be banned from the national team

The Swedish Football Federation (SvFF) announced on Thursday that it has banned Swedish players who play for Russian clubs from the national team.

“For us, the player chosen to play for a Russian club certainly does not represent the Swedish national football team ,” said Karl-Eric Nielsen, president of the Swedish Football Federation. “This decision is partly based on our view that we will not have any sporting exchanges with Russia as long as the war continues, but also on the bans imposed on Russia by FIFA and UEFA.”

“While the unjust war in Ukraine continues, if a Swedish player who is eligible for the national team chooses to play in Russia, he will lose his chance to be selected for the Swedish national team.”

The decision by the Swedish Football Association is now largely symbolic. So far, all Danish players who have played for Russian clubs have left the country, including Viktor Claesson and Jordan Larsson.

Viktor Claesson, 30, is a senior Sweden international (62 caps) who played for Krasnodar when the war broke out. In March of this year, Claesson moved to Copenhagen after an early termination of the contract. In the past six months, he played 22 times for the new club, scoring 8 goals and sending 5 assists.

Jordan Larsson, 25, was only a fringe international, playing for Spartak Moscow when the war broke out. In the summer window of this year, Larsson and Spartak Moscow terminated the contract ahead of schedule and transferred to Schalke 04. Currently, he has played 5 times for Schalke.

Several media pointed out that the Swedish Football Association’s move is to follow the actions of the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) and the Polish Football Association (PZPN), both of which have imposed sanctions on their respective internationals who are still playing for Russian clubs. Earlier this month, the Norwegian Football Federation banned midfielder Matthias Normann from the national team, citing his choice to stay with Dynamo Moscow.

Soon after, Polish left-back Maciej Rybus was also told by his home country that he had been excluded from the squad for the 2022 World Cup after signing with Dynamo Moscow.

Source: www.77577.live

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