Sporting news: Qatar minister accuses Germany of “double standards” in World Cup criticism
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Sporting news: Qatar minister accuses Germany of “double standards” in World Cup criticism

Qatar‘s foreign minister accused Germany of  double standards  in criticizing the World Cup hosts’ human rights record in a newspaper interview published on Monday , and defended calling the German ambassador.

Qatar has been heavily criticized by human rights groups for its treatment of migrant workers, who, along with other foreigners, make up the bulk of the country’s population.

Qatar’s foreign ministry summoned the German ambassador last month over remarks by Interior Minister Nancy Fasser that a country’s human rights record should be factored into whether it is chosen to host the World Cup.

On the one hand, the German people are being misled by government politicians; on the other hand, the government has no opinion on Qatar in terms of energy cooperation or investment.


Sad prejudice

Criticisms of Qatar’s human rights record – including the deprivation of basic rights of migrant workers building World Cup venues and the persecution of the LGBTQ+ community – are increasingly seen as racist by the country’s top diplomats.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has followed a similar line, claiming that the World Cup is ” a way for Qatar and the entire Gulf region to present themselves to the world in a different light and to get rid of some sad prejudice once and for all.

Infantino met Nancy Fasserpi in Qatar last week, along with German ambassador Özdemir and German Football Federation (DFB) president Bernd Neuendorf.

The visit comes after Nancy Fasser criticized Qatar’s human rights record, saying ” it is better not to award the tournament to these countries ” . Nancy Fasser ‘s comments angered Qatar, but her country tour continued, where she also met with labor officials.




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