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Slaughtered by Napoli, Liverpool Increase a bad record | 77577sport

Premier League club Liverpool suffered a crushing defeat against Napoli with a score of 1-4. In the Champions League last season, Liverpool were runners-up, unfortunately having to fall from Serie A club Napoli.

Liverpool’s defeat opened the old wounds of the Premier League representative and added to the club’s embarrassing record. The first major defeat came in the previous Champions League against Arsenal. Napoli’s duel with Liverpool took place at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium. In the match against Napoli, Liverpool had fallen behind in the first half. Where Napoli managed to break into Jurgen Klopp’s children’s goal, which was 3-0.

For almost eight years, this first-half defeat was the Reds’ biggest defeat in the Champions League. Finally, Liverpool got a massacre like this in the first round of the Champions League on October 24, 2014. At that time Liverpool were competing with one of the big clubs, Real Madrid.

On May 25, 2005, Liverpool brought back the name of the big club. In the final against AC Milan, Liverpool had a 3 goal lead in the first half. However, AC Milan then managed to change the score to a draw. German coach Jurgen Klopp believes the Liverpool star needs a complete overhaul.

When the match reached the 47th minute, again Liverpool conceded from Zelinski so the score became 0-4. In the history of the reformed Champions League, this is the first time Liverpool have trailed 0-4 to their opponents. If you add the Champions League before the restructuring, this is the second time Liverpool have suffered a crushing defeat. The first time we experienced something embarrassing like this was when we lost to Ajax 5-1.

On the other hand, Liverpool coach Klopp admitted in an interview after the game that the team had to really reinvent themselves and reflect. He also considers the team not working as a team, but not necessarily pointing at each other. When asked if he would be sacked by the club alongside Tuchel, Klopp said he was not worried as the Liverpool boss would rather he solve the current problem than turn to another coach to solve it.

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