Serie A – Sampdoria 1-1 Ascoli: Penalties over
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Serie A – Sampdoria 1-1 Ascoli: Penalties over

After the penalty shootout , the scoreboard eventually read Sampdoria 9-8. After a promising start, it ended 1-1 with the home side taking the lead after 10 minutes .

It was only reached by Colo Colo‘s goal in the 33rd minute. Then there was a sudden power outage, both teams seemed to be in a draw, and Shake could no longer defeat the other.

Shockingly, Ascoli found the leading goal, Donati received an assist from Gondo in the penalty area , 2-1, Doriana ‘s defense was guilty and distracted.

Stankovic collapsed on the bench distraught, his head bowed, and Butch gleefully charged towards his team. But Doriani’s players put in their hearts and minds and managed to pull off a small miracle eight minutes later, with a perfect header from Francesco Caputo .


Decisive error

In extra time, Bucky‘s side had the advantage over Donati in the 110th minute, but Caputo took Sampdoria to penalties two minutes after the final whistle.

Mistakes by Sampdoria’s Villar and Caputo and Ascoli’s Farasco and Caligala resulted in all outfielders kicking from 11 metres.

Contini saved Guarna del Ascoli’s decisive error in the final challenge between the goalkeepers .



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