Serie A – Inter Milan beat Salernitana 2-0, Lautaro ends league goal drought
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Serie A – Inter Milan beat Salernitana 2-0, Lautaro ends league goal drought

In the 10th round of Serie A in the 2022/23 season, Inter Milan beat Salernitana 2-0 at home.

In the first half, Lautaro scored with a long-range shot, opening the scoring for Inter Milan. In the second half, Barella extended the score and the Nerazzurri entered the final 2-0.

After the two-game winning streak, Inter Milan has now surpassed Juventus in the ranking and has risen to the fifth position in the standings. Salernitana is 15th with 10 points.

first half

Inter’s start was perfect: within a quarter of an hour, Lautaro scored from outside the box to give Inter a 1-0 lead over Salernitana.

With a goal against Salernitana, the Argentine broke the league’s ball drought after the Champions League. Before that, he had failed to score in five consecutive league games.

In the next 40 minutes, Inter Milan continued its dominance over Salernitana, and there were several opportunities to expand the score during the period: in the 32nd minute, Barella created a one-on-one chance for Dzeko with the goalkeeper, but the latter hesitated too much before kicking, which caused Gyomber to return to the defense in time to block his shot. 1 minute later, DiMarco made a cross from the right corner, and Dzeko missed the header.

In the 38th minute, Dimarco made a cross from the right, and Skriniar’s header was successfully resolved by Sepe. In the 45th minute, Lautaro’s heel attack failed, and the header was still saved by Sepe.

second half

In the opening stage of the second half, Inter Milan was then defeated by Barella: In the 58th minute, Calhanoglu sent a long pass from the midfield, and Barella swayed Pirola with a fake move and scored.

Six minutes before Barella scored, the Nerazzurri had a very threatening attack: Calhanoglu made a free kick from the right side of the frontcourt, and Lautaro headed the goal slightly higher.

Since then, although there is no suspense in the game, Inter Milan has also made no achievements. In the 79th minute, Dumfries made a cross from the right, but Gosens headed the goal and failed to shoot on target. In the 85th minute, Salernitana midfielder Bohinen made a mistake under Lautaro’s pressing, and Gosens took the opportunity to steal the ball and miss the goal. 3 minutes later, Gosens returned the ball from the bottom on the left, but Calhanoglu pushed the shot from the middle, but it was ridiculously high.

At the end of the game, Inter Milan won 2-0.



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