Serie A – Away game Fiorentina Napoli looks to achieve 3 consecutive victories
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Serie A – Away game Fiorentina Napoli looks to achieve 3 consecutive victories

Napoli, who has achieved outstanding results at the start of the 2021/22 Serie A season , will attack Fiorentina with a foul in the third round of the league, and looks forward to winning 3 consecutive victories to meet future challenges.

Napoli won 5-2 in the first round away from Verona, and in the last round at home, he defeated the newly-promoted Monza 4-0. At present, he has scored 9 goals with 2 consecutive victories and ranks 2nd in the standings. , so Spalletti’s team only needs to take all 3 points to regain the top spot.

However, Fiorentina also made a good start to the new season, beating newly-promoted Mark Remona 3-2 at home in the first round, and drawing 0-0 with Empoli in the last round. defeat results. However ,Fiorentina is in the midweek European Cup away to Eredivisie Twente, so it will be a challenge for the players’ physical strength.

In addition, the two sides have played against each other 148 times in Serie A history. However, the Violet Lily had some home-court advantage in this campaign, scoring 36 wins, 19 and 18 losses against Napoli in 74 home games, but lost to Napoli 2-1 at home last season.

In terms of lineup, only Deme is injured in Napoli, and Simeone Jr. and midfielder Ndombele, who have just joined the team, will have the opportunity to make their debut. And Fiorentina has Igor and Castrovili still recuperating, and it is still unknown whether they can play.

Other games include Atalanta away to Verona, with the goal of winning 2 away games in a row, and Salernitana vs. Sandoria at home, and Lecce at home against Empoli, hoping to end the losing streak.


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