Serie A-Away battling Juventus Roma to avenge the double kill
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Serie A-Away battling Juventus Roma to avenge the double kill

The 2022/23 Serie A season will usher in a focus battle tomorrow. The Red Wolf Roma, led by “madman” Mourinho, will go to the away game to challenge Zuwindus, and will continue the journey of the new season with a 3-game winning streak.

Roma suffered a double play by Zuyundus in the 2021/22 season, losing 0-1 away and 3-4 at home respectively. But if this game can stage a gorgeous revenge drama, it will give the Roma players’ confidence even greater. In addition, coach Mourinho has lost to Juventus coach Allegri twice in a row, so Mourinho does not want to lose to the same opponent in a row.

After the start of this season, Roma won 1-0 in the first two rounds, but Mourinho was not too worried about the team’s scoring problems when interviewed before the game. He said, “We are a super team. Attacking team, so goals will come sooner or later.”

Dybala defected to old master

It is worth mentioning that the Argentine star Dybala, who joined Roma from Juventus last month, whether he can score goals in this campaign is also one of the focuses of fans. However, Roma midfielder Zaluoolo was unfortunately injured in the game against Cremona, and even Wijnaldum, who joined from Paris Saint-Germain, was also injured.

For this reason, Mourinho also expressed concern when interviewed, “Complaining is useless, the team needs to look forward.”

However, Zuyundus also has the problem of injuries. After the “Angel” Di Maria was injured on his debut, Zuyun’s offensive and defensive line had hidden worries.

On the other hand, defending champions AC Milan will host Bologna, who are undefeated in two rounds.

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