Serie A – AC Milan loses 1-2 to Napoli despite Giroud's achievements
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Serie A – AC Milan loses 1-2 to Napoli despite Giroud's achievements

n the seventh round of the 2022/23 Serie A season, the focus battle was staged. After the defending champion AC Milan at the San Siro Stadium scored a goal with Giroud, they lost to Napoli 1-2.

In the 7th minute of the campaign, Tonali’s right corner pass was cleared. After Teo volleyed from the left side of the top of the penalty area, the ball hit Giroud and missed the left post. In the 13th minute, Krunic sent a through ball. Giroud made a hard shot from the left side of the penalty spot and was thrown by the Napoli goalkeeper. The ball hit the post and popped out.

In the 28th minute, Bennacer made a pass from the right, Krunic nodded the ball from the back and was held up by the opponent’s goalkeeper. After that, Bennacer ran to the left corner and crossed, and Dequet Lare headed wide of the goal post .

In the 42nd minute, Di Lorenzo returned from an inverted triangle from the right side of the penalty area, and Kvarac Helia missed the goal in the penalty area.

In the 51st minute of the second half, Durst put Kvarac Helia to the ground while defending from the penalty area, and then the two sides started a conflict. When the referee looked back at the VAR, he showed the yellow card to Krunic for the conflict and awarded Napoli a penalty. In the 55th minute, when Politano took a 12-yard penalty, the ball flew into the net from the side of AC Milan goalkeeper Meignan, allowing Napoli to lead AC Milan 1-0.

In addition, this is Politano’s second goal in Serie A this season.

In the 60th minute, AC Milan made a free kick from the right side of the frontcourt and was cleared, and Salle Marques attacked the goal from the top of the penalty area but was above the goal post. In the 69th minute, Teo sent an inverted triangle return pass from the left side of the penalty area. Giroud in front of the penalty area followed up and successfully pushed and hit, helping AC Milan to tie the score 1-1, and Giroud also won 3 consecutive official games. Contributed goals, accumulating 5 goals in all competitions this season.

In the 78th minute, Rui made a cross from the left in the frontcourt. Giovanni Simeone followed up from the front and scored with a header to make the score 2-1. In the 86th minute, Teo sent an oblique ball, Messias could not touch the ball in the penalty area, and then made a single-handed shot at Kalulu on the left side of the small penalty area. The goalkeeper shot but hit the goal post, letting AC Milan Lost a great opportunity to equalize.

In the end, AC Milan lost to Napoli 1-2 at home, swallowing its first defeat of the season. And Napoli returned to the first place with 17 points in the standings with 5 wins and 2 draws, and AC Milan ranked 5th.


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