Rookie Christian Koloko take: used to the Raptors training way
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Rookie Christian Koloko take: used to the Raptors training way

Koloko admitted he was nervous about making his NBA preseason debut. “Scared” and “anxious” are the words he uses. But in 17 minutes of playing time, he looked remarkably comfortable, running the floor with ease, while receiving just the right pass from Toronto teammate Pascal Siakam to convert his first preseason barrel. Considering that Siakam and Koloko both grew up in Douala, Cameroon ‘s largest city, the moment means more than a typical exhibition game score .

“People from my hometown sent me videos and they were happy and proud,” Koloko said. “It was a beautiful moment, a proud moment. As a Cameroonian, it was great to see the first basket in the NBA with the help of people from my city .


Will Koloko be the main force in the future?

If preseason performance is always dangerous as a yardstick, early training camp indications suggest that when the Raptors selected Christian Koloko with the 33rd overall pick in the June draft, they might have reinforces their depth.

Perhaps that’s to be expected for an athlete who spent three years at the University of Arizona and arrived at training camp at 22 — hardly one in the league planning to cap its draft age from 19 in the next few years Lower down to 18 year olds. Still, Koloko’s developmental curve is similar to that of fellow Cameroonian and Toronto teammate Pascal Siakam. Both came to basketball and North America after starting their athletic journey on the football field. So if Koloko , who’s 7 -foot-5 with a 7 -foot – 5 wingspan and started playing basketball at 12 , isn’t ready for prime time and spending a decent rookie season if it transitions into a long-term program Playing for the developing Raptors 905 team most of the time , not the NBA club in Toronto. That being said, Raptors head coach Nick Nurse sounds optimistic about Koloko’s viability in the majors.

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