Rodrigo and Vinicius get the most credit, Real Madrid beat Shakhtar Donetsk
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Rodrigo and Vinicius get the most credit, Real Madrid beat Shakhtar Donetsk

In Champions League Group F Real Madrid beat Shakhtar Donetsk 2-1 , with Brazilians Rodrigo and Vinicius Jr. scoring in the first half.

The Holders started the game with nearly 60 percent possession and 35 attempts, while the Miners dominated the game with just 11 attempts. But the hosts squandered a series of chances dangerously leaving the door open for the miners to stay in the game.

” It was a game that we should have won 7-1 and given the chances we had, it’s hard to believe we only won 2-1 , ” Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos told Movistar Plus . ” Real Madrid need to focus until the end because it’s just a one-goal loss and any mistakes will be costly.

The Brazilian scores in the first half

The way the game started, there were too many goals, the score gap widened significantly, and the goal difference was also good. An important bonus, of course, is to have several players supplementing their stats, especially Karim Benzema who could have benefited the most from a good confidence-boosting game.

It was exciting to watch Real Madrid in the first half. The quartet of Karim Benzema, Fede Valverde, Rodrigo Goss and Vinicius Jr came together perfectly. Benzema had four key passes at half-time, while Vinicius Jr. had five shots and some dazzling dribbles that put the Bernabeu on their feet.

Rodrigo is a right-winger on paper, but far from that. He played number 10 and played his role perfectly. He floated to the sides, roamed the field, freely connecting with everyone. He provided vertical passes for Toni Kroos and Aurelian Chuameni and played tight football for the rest of the attack. Rodrigo played a fluid role, with Fede Valverde and Dani Carvajal occupying the right flank.

Despite all the chances Real created, their finishing boots weren’t on. Carlo Ancelotti ‘s side had 35 shots , 13 of which were on target . The two goals above were their only two of the night, with Shakhtar pulling one back in the first half through an Alexander Zubkov strike.

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