Real Madrid to sign Skriniar on free transfer
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Real Madrid to sign Skriniar on free transfer

Real Madrid completed two important transfers in the transfer window this summer, signing Chuameni for 80 million euros and signing free agent Rudiger.

Chuameni was signed by Real Madrid from Monaco for 80 million euros, making the 22 -year-old French player one of the most expensive signings in Real Madrid’s history. Chuameni has already made a difference on the pitch, and if he can maintain this level for a long time, he will one day develop into one of the best midfielders in the world.

As for German centre -back Rudiger , who was already one of the best defenders in the world when he was still playing for Chelsea, he joined Real Madrid on a free transfer this summer. Real Madrid signed defender David Alaba on a free transfer last summer. Real Madrid are also preparing to sign Skriniar on a free transfer next summer.

The 27 -year-old Skriniar’s contract with Inter Milan expires next summer. If the extension is not completed, he will become a free agent. Real Madrid is ready to sign Skriniar next year.


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