Real Madrid expected to win away against Elche
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Real Madrid expected to win away against Elche

The 10th round of La Liga in the 2022/23 season will usher in a battle with some disparity between opponents. The defending champion Real Madrid, currently ranked first in the standings, will go to the road to fight the last ranked Elche. , so Real Madrid is naturally more optimistic about winning the winning streak smoothly.

After defeating the title rivals Barcelona 3-1 in the last round of the national derby, Real Madrid has achieved a record of 14 unbeaten games in various official competitions, and has also won 8 wins and 1 draw in 9 league rounds. Good results, currently ranked first in the standings with 25 points, 3 points ahead of second-placed Barcelona.

In addition, Real Madrid striker Benzema, who suffered an injury at the beginning of the season, currently ranks seventh in La Liga’s all-time scorer list with 223 goals. He recently won the Ballon d’Or for the first time, which greatly boosted the morale of all Real Madrid staff. .

Elche have yet to win a game

In Elche , the team has only scored 3 draws and 6 losses so far this season, becoming the team that has not yet won a victory.

Looking back at the records of the two sides, Real Madrid has an absolute advantage with 7 wins and 2 draws. In the La Liga and Spanish Cup away games last season, they also double-killed each other. However, Elche has scored in the last 5 matches against Real Madrid, so Real Madrid’s defense must be more stable to avoid losing the ball.

On the other hand, Real Bedis will play against Cadiz on the road. Since Cadiz is currently only 19th in the standings, Bedis has a chance to break the 3-game losing streak on the road, but Cadiz In the past 4 rounds, they have achieved 1 win and 3 draws, so Bedis still has to be careful.


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