Qatar World Cup – Neymar replaced with injury
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Qatar World Cup – Neymar replaced with injury

In the Qatar World Cup Group G match between Brazil and Serbia, Brazil’s Neymar was substituted in the 79th minute due to ankle discomfort.

In this game, Neymar was the starter, but he fell to the ground many times on the court. In the second half, he was tripped by the opposing player’s shovel, which made Neymar sit directly on the ground and could not stand up.

Qatar World Cup - Neymar replaced with injury

That’s why Neymar was replaced. Sitting on the bench, Neymar covered his face with his jersey, perhaps crying because he was sad about his powerlessness. Neymar’s injured ankle was also covered with an ice pack, and the situation did not look good.

In the final game, with Richarlison’s brace, Brazil successfully defeated Serbia 2-0. However, Brazil has not yet made any response to Neymar’s injury. He is one of Brazil’s main players. If he misses the next game due to injury, it will also have a great impact on Brazil.


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