Princess Athena in 18888, the jungler strength is underestimated. (Four)
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Princess Athena in 18888, the jungler strength is underestimated. (Four)

Princess Athena in 18888, the jungler strength is underestimated. (Four)

Looking at the current situation in the canyon, almost no one is using the 18888 gold coins sold in the store, including Yang Jian, Genghis Khan, Nezha and so on. Athena is positioned as a warrior, and most players will use it to play as an assassin, but the hero’s appearance rate is pitifully low, only 1.3%, obviously the strength is seriously underestimated.

Athena wins top

Her all-hero win rate is at the top, and it is conceivable how strong she is. New warriors and assassins were more popular before they went online. Old players looked at this warrior, and his amazing and explosive combat power was discovered, and he was eventually promoted to regular assassins. Now it is nothing new for warriors to go to the jungle.

A few seasons ago, the official put on a season skin for her, called Dawn Covenant, which looks like a phoenix warrior in the future. , still put Athena into the cold palace. Her mechanism has several displacements, and the skill connection constantly pierces the enemy. It is really not difficult to face the output.

Skill Mechanism

The passive skill “Awakening of the True God” can cause an extra 25% to non-hero units. After death, it will continue to move in its true form and increase the movement speed of allied heroes moving towards Athena by 10%, gain vision and can directly stay in the true body position. Resurrection, when resurrected, come back and deal 480 physical damage and 0.75 knockup to enemies within the range.

The first skill, “Holy March”, raises a shield and dashes forward, causing knockback and damage to the enemy and obtaining a shield. During the shield, it is exempt from control. With the second skill “Piercing Spear”, Athena jumps in the designated direction and strengthens the next basic attack. Using the enhanced basic attack will charge the enemy, causing 350 physical damage, and hitting the same target three times in a row will cause 25 percent of lost life. Physical damage. The interval between spear stabs is no more than 6 seconds to trigger penetration. When a skill or an ultimate skill hits the enemy, the cooldown of this skill will be reduced by 4 seconds.

The ultimate skill “Awe of the Holy Shield”, Athena raises the holy shield to gain 900 shields, free from control during the period, and after up to 1.5 seconds, uses the holy shield to counterattack, causing 240 magic damage to the enemies within the range, and each time she receives a shield during the raising of the shield. When the enemy hero attacks, the damage of the Holy Shield counterattack is increased by 12.5%, and the casting time is reduced, up to 8 layers.


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