Princess Athena in 18888, the jungler strength is underestimated. (five)
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Princess Athena in 18888, the jungler strength is underestimated. (five)

Princess Athena in 18888, the jungler strength is underestimated. (five)

During the period when Athena became popular, it should fall on Wonder Woman, which was officially authorized by DC. The skill special effects have the skills special effects marked by Wonder Woman. Perhaps the hero became unpopular, and then Tianmei rarely launched new skins for Athena. The next skin plan will only launch Battle Order and Season skins. The king is raining skins, and a new skin will be released every week. So far, she has not gotten a share of the pie. The best quality skin is still the epic-quality Ice Crown Princess. It needs to be drawn through points and treasures. Athena does not have any legendary skin. .

Mobility wins over Dianwei

Going back to the combat power of this jungler , Athena’s output method is to play a continuous stab effect. The first skill is a displacement skill, which causes damage to the enemy on the path. The passive skill of the second skill triggers an enhanced basic attack and automatically moves to the enemy. Next to it, play the pursuit effect. With one or two skills, she is more mobile than Dian Wei. Dian Wei only has one skill to de-control and accelerate, and the damage is high in the later stage. With two displacement skills, she can easily escape Dian Wei’s pursuit, and when she is thrown behind, she has no chance to be attacked by him. hack.

win over Zhao Yun without injury

Dianwei ‘s mechanism has its own rage, Zhao Yun has its own injury-free, and Athena has its own anti-armor. The piercing of a skill will trigger the shield, and it will be free of control during the period. This has already won Zhao Yun, because he can’t brush the shield, only health When it is low, the damage reduction and attack power increase, so the more you fight, the stronger it becomes. Athena’s control-free effect is not limited to one skill. After clicking the ultimate move, it will stand in place, generate a shield, and be in a control-free state. It will absorb damage when being besieged, and the counterattack damage is as high as 12.5%.

Dual control-free attributes, plus shields to reduce damage, Athena doesn’t have to fear Zhao Yun at all, he has a big move to control, Athena has a big move to counterattack, offset skills, easy immunity, Zhao Yun without a big move, jumping around, ready Run away, don’t dare to hit hard.

Why is the attendance low?

Such a powerful hero, why is the appearance rate so low? Maybe everyone thinks that Athena is too difficult to operate. It can’t play continuous puncture. The passive second skill leads to suicide before leaving, and the big move penalty station is besieged to death. Tianmei has lowered the difficulty of using this hero in a low-key way, and learn Athena well. It’s not difficult to score points, and passive skills don’t have to go back to the city, but you can give teammates vision. Who would dare to dislike such a hero?


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