Premier League-Arsenal vs Fulham to continue winning streak, Liverpool look to take all 3 points
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Premier League-Arsenal vs Fulham to continue winning streak, Liverpool look to take all 3 points

After the 3 rounds of the Premier League in the 2022/23 season, only the Gunners Arsenal have achieved a complete victory, and whether Arteta’s team can continue to maintain a complete victory in the next round is also a point that major media and fans are very concerned about.

It is worth noting that the six giants in the Premier League will have a more “easy” chance to score points this week, because the opponent’s strength is not too strong, and Arsenal will welcome the newly-promoted Fulham at home in the fourth round. The challenge, so the morale of Arsenal is very high naturally looking at 4 consecutive victories to keep the top spot in the standings.

In the 2021/22 season, Arsenal suffered a 3-game losing streak at the beginning, but this season has suddenly reversed their 3-game winning streak, scoring 9 goals and losing only 2 goals, and their strength is very strong. Moreover, the performance of Jesus and Zinchenko, who were introduced by Arsenal in the transfer market this summer, is also very stable, which is also one of the keys to the Gunners’ winning streak.

However, the newly -promoted Fuhan is not a “vegetarian” team. In the first round, he drew with Liverpool, the runner-up team last season, drew with Wolves in the second round, and defeated Brentford in the third round. The strength is not small. watch for.

In addition, Manchester City will host Crystal Palace in this round. Pep Guardiola’s team defeated West Ham and newly-promoted Bournemouth in the first two rounds of the new season, but with a 2-goal lead in the third round, they drew with Newcastle 3-3 and temporarily escaped their first defeat. robbery.

Manchester City face off against Crystal Palace

In order to complete the goal of three consecutive Premier League championships, Manchester City must not be sloppy against Crystal Palace. Judging from the past encounter records, Manchester City has won 7 games against Crystal Palace in the past 12 games, occupying a very large advantage.

As for Liverpool , the Red Army, who hopes to get rid of the injury problem as soon as possible, will face Bournemouth at home, chasing the first win of the new season. Klopp’s team only achieved embarrassing results of 2 and 1 losses in the first 3 rounds, and also lost to Manchester United in the last round of double red clubs, and currently ranks 16th in the standings with 2 points.

In addition, Manchester United, who hopes to defeat the strong opponent Liverpool, will challenge Southampton away and continue to move towards the top of the standings.

The new season of the Premier League has ushered in exciting matchups, so fans should remember to follow our website 77577 to learn more about the latest information on the five major leagues.

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