Premier League – Armstrong scores winner as Chelsea beat Southampton 1-2
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Premier League – Armstrong scores winner as Chelsea beat Southampton 1-2

The fifth round of the 2022/23 Premier League season kicked off. After Chelsea, who went away to play, led the game with Sterling’s goal, the Saints Southampton relied on Lavia and Armstrong to successfully overtake. In the end, Chelsea were defeated by Southampton 1-2. Ampton reversed and suffered their 2nd defeat so far this season.

Southampton took the lead in creating a threat in just 2 minutes of this campaign. El Yunusi shot from a long distance in the frontcourt, but because the angle of the shot was too real, the ball was easily confiscated by the Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy. In the 13th minute, Sterling took the slanted ball and technically crossed Salisu to enter the penalty area. He fought hard against the defense, but the Saints goalkeeper successfully defused the crisis.

In the 21st minute, Sterling ran into the penalty area after receiving a pass from Cheek in the middle of the frontcourt. Although Havertz still had a lot of space on the left side, the hesitant Sterling did not choose to pass the ball. Blocked by a defensive player. In the 23rd minute, Havertz slanted to the middle of the penalty area. Mount moved forward to get the ball and then divided the ball. The ball was blocked by the defender and came to Sterling. Then Sterling turned and hit the goal, helping Chelsea Take the lead 1-0.

In the 27th minute, Southampton took a corner kick in the frontcourt. The ball was then pushed to the penalty area by the defender. After intercepting the ball, Lavia took a long shot at the top of the arc. The ball went straight to the dead corner on the right side of the net, helping Southampton It was 1-1 to tie the game.

In the stoppage time of the first half, Prouse launched an attack from the middle and split the diagonal ball to the left side of the penalty area. After receiving the ball, Perot knocked it horizontally to the penalty spot, and then Armstrong scored a smooth shot to help St. Only 2 to 1 to achieve the lead.

Chelsea’s 2-game losing streak

In the 52nd minute of the second half, the Saints’ Peloud crossed from the left to the penalty area. El Yunusi rushed to the top in the middle and was cleared by Cucurella. After that, El Yunusi made a barb shot, but the ball was Taken out by Mendito. In the 65th minute, after Azpilicueta picked a pass to the penalty area, Havertz headed the goal but went above the goal post.

In the 73rd minute, Southampton took a corner kick in the frontcourt. Salisu attempted a header from the penalty area, but the ball was resolved by Thiago Silva on the goal line. When the game entered stoppage time in the second half, Sterling entered the penalty area and faced the defense and tried to dribble, but the ball was intercepted by Walker Peters. In the end, Chelsea were reversed by Southampton 1-2 and suffered a 2-game losing streak away.


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