Premier League – 0-1 defeat to West Ham, 3rd defeat to Villa, booed by fans
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Premier League – 0-1 defeat to West Ham, 3rd defeat to Villa, booed by fans

Aston Villa , coached by Liverpool star Gerrard , unfortunately lost 0-1 at home to West Ham, who had started a 3-game losing streak, in one of the matches in the fourth round of the Premier League earlier. Aston Villa have lost three of their first four games this season.

The goal of this game occurred in the 74th minute of the second half. West Ham ‘s captain Les passed the ball, and the Spanish midfielder Vernals’s goal was deflected and deflected into the net. Han won 1-0 against Aston Villa, and finally won the first Premier League victory of the 2022/23 season.

After the defeat at home, Villa fans started booing the players and manager Gerrard appeared to be booed as he walked back into the tunnel. Gerrard also said in an interview with the media that he has heard a lot of things himself, and also felt the loss and dissatisfaction of the fans. Gerrard also pointed out that if the team loses 3 games in 4 games, this is of course not the start the fans want to see, nor the result the team wants, so he can understand the frustration of the fans.

Gerrard also stressed that he will do his best to help the team regain its vitality in the next game.

Next round against Arsenal

In the 2021/22 season, Aston Villa gradually regained the rhythm of the game after being coached by Gerrard, and finally finished 14th in the table. In the next Premier League , Villa will go to the road to challenge Arsenal, and then will face Manchester City at home. In the face of these two very brave enemies, Gerrard needs to strengthen the psychological construction of the players and face the next journey with the correct mentality.

On the other hand, Newcastle, who were on the road, tied Wolves 1-1 after scoring a goal in the 90th minute through St Marksman.


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