Practice this hero well before the season change, he has infinite explosive power in S29.
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Practice this hero well before the season change, he has infinite explosive power in S29.

Practice this hero well before the season change, he has infinite explosive power in S29.

The animation of the new mage Haiyue has been officially released. It is obviously warmed up for the S29 season. The new hero is on the scene. Next, it is the turn to announce the limited hero of the S29 season. As expected, the new skin was obtained by Li Yuanfang, named Cloud Traveler. The skin design theme is the same as the skins of previous seasons, only using the “Millennium in the Cloud” style.

The skins in recent seasons are not bad, some of which are better than the general hero skins. The way to obtain them is quite simple. As long as the player reaches the eternal masonry rank, they will automatically receive 10 qualifying victories.

Speaking of Li Yuanfang, the S28 season is the era of dull shooting. At first, the players were not used to it, but eventually they all mastered the password of the upper score. They abandoned their natal heroes one after another, and dedicated themselves to the descendants known as the “son of the version”. The Ming Shiyin of the Ming Dynasty, the Hou Ming combination, are menacing, and the strength suppresses the once peak “Ma Yao combination”. Based on the data of the whole season, Marco Polo performed well.

Li Yuanfang’s strong return?

Since the next season’s skin belongs to Li Yuanfang , will he possibly become the strongest shooter in the S29 season? The revision of Shadow Blade this season has created a good output environment for shooters, and the position of the development path has become hot. Although Li Yuanfang is not like the descendant, he has eaten up the version bonus, but for the hero mechanism, he is far better than the descendant Jiutiaojie, with a high output and a burst of power. The skill can be used with the ultimate move, first slow down, and then stack the marks as soon as possible, causing area damage, the crispy skin is beaten to the residual blood, and then a few basic attacks are added, and a head is won like this.

New Equipment: Dreamcasting, Chasing the Wind

All shooters focus on output, but they forget the weakness of the body, lack of auxiliary protection, and have no self-protection ability. When encountering a highly flexible assassin, they will send you to Huangquan. Fortunately, Li Yuanfang Er Skills have displacement functions, the most important thing is the moment of displacement, the skills that are immune to all flying objects, such as Zhuge Liang is launching a big move vitality bomb, choose the right time to use displacement, the damage is offset like this.

In addition, in the S29 season, there will be more new equipment, called Dreamcasting and Chasing the Wind, to enhance the hero’s basic attack speed and range. Its passive is that after the skill hits the enemy unit, the attack speed increases by 50%. It can be seen from this that Li Yuanfang has a high probability of rising by relying on the wind, and in a short period of time, he can use his normal attacks to stack up a skill mark. Li Yuanfang can play as a jungler and shooter. It is recommended that you practice more in advance!


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