Potter to hold talks with Chelsea on replacing sacked Thomas Tuchel
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Potter to hold talks with Chelsea on replacing sacked Thomas Tuchel

Brighton boss Graham Potter, who has emerged as an early contender to replace Tuchel, will hold talks with Chelsea about replacing sacked Thomas Tuchel.

Tuchel was sacked by Chelsea on Wednesday. According to the ” Daily Mail ” report, Chelsea had already decided to sack Tuchel before the Champions League loss to Dinamo Zagreb, so the loss was not the trigger. And Chelsea has long been optimistic about Porter’s replacement for Tuchel.

Former Chelsea defender John Terry tweeted last month how good Potter is, he loves the way Brighton play and Potter has to be one of the best and youngest managers.

Potter is considered a future England manager, having won four Premier League games and one of six games, with Brighton fourth in the table this season. His signature offense and nimble tactics have attracted many admirers in the game.

If talks are successful, Chelsea will pay Brighton £ 16m to buy Potter’s contract. Chelsea, however, must pay Tuchel up to £ 13m in compensation and £2m to his coaching staff . Tuchel, who joined Chelsea in 2021 and extended his contract until 2024 after winning the Champions League , is one of the highest-paid managers in the Premier League.

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