Play Yao can’t have sympathy! Follow this teammate carefully. (two)
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Play Yao can’t have sympathy! Follow this teammate carefully. (two)

Play Yao can't have sympathy! Follow this teammate carefully. (two)

If you want to play Yaomei well and continue to shine in the S29 season, you must first understand the details. Players often say that it’s okay to follow people, so let’s start with the team. Although Yao is a hero of the hundred towers, it is wrong to follow Hero, you can never win the game if you step on the mine. That’s right, the secret to playing Yao well is definitely not with the wrong person.

The biggest misunderstanding of CP combination

I believe that players in the canyon are fed up with the CP combination formed by Yao . The attack of green tea Yao is more frightening than the opponent. Entering the game to engage in mentality, attack other people with words, follow the target all the way, do not support teammates, and the target may not be able to fly. There is no hope of winning the game. The two have a close relationship in a team. One of them is playing as an assistant, and the subconscious will give priority to the target. They go out and go in pairs, and they fly each other. It seems that there is a plot of the Condor Heroes. No matter whether he is a shooter or an assassin, he must be close to him. protect him.

For example, in the original Houming combination, Xiaoming in the double row was snatched away by the opponent. In desperation, he had to take a Yaomei to assist the descendants and give 24 hours of unconditional protection. This behavior basically harmed the other 4 teammates. Including the descendants themselves.

Beware of both sending heads

First of all, the descendant is a crispy hero with low attribute defense. It is a matter of course that he needs auxiliary support. However, players should consider whether the descendant and Yao’s mechanism are compatible, and what help Yao can do, except for brushing the shield. You said that the descendants need a shield, but Yao’s ultimate move is attached to the shield, and it is not very thick. In addition, the descendants themselves have no movement, and rely on the movement and attack speed to deal damage. The most afraid of rushing assassins, afraid of control, afraid of displacement.

The assassins were strong in the early stage, they didn’t need two blows to break through Yao’s shield, knocked her down, killed the descendants first, and then harvested Yaomei, who was not aggressive. One-for-one offer, very cost-effective.

The shooter is suppressed and stunted. Duodeyao promises to protect the descendants to the death. Without the support of the assassins, it becomes another gap. After the first tower in the middle road is broken, firmly control the jungler and occupy half of the jungle area. Notice that the game is starting to crash. If you want to drag it to the later stage and see the rise of the descendants, you may not have this opportunity.


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