Play Yao can’t have sympathy! Follow this teammate carefully. (three)
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Play Yao can’t have sympathy! Follow this teammate carefully. (three)

Play Yao can't have sympathy! Follow this teammate carefully. (three)

For couples, Yao’s assistant must delete this idea of “following the object”. Your lover may not be the best teammate in the team. Others need you more. This method cannot give full play to Yao ‘s omnipotence. This concept of assisting one person to play games, I advise you not to play assist.

The second minefield: smashing teammates

Following the target is the first minefield, the second minefield to avoid, of course, is to spoil teammates. The rotten trend prevails. As long as the game is slightly unsatisfactory, teammates will start to show it to everyone. They are not in the mood to participate in the game. They just want to end the game quickly, quit the game and start a new one. Not joining the regiment is the first step. In the second step, the defense tower is broken, the line is not clear, the tower is not defended, and some even attack teammates.

The so-called core output, occasionally likes to rely on the support to make mistakes, and is turned against the jungler by the opposite side. As a support, he is kind and helpful. Who knows when he turns his head and finds that the shooter has been attacked, and finally blames the support for incompetence. As long as you don’t follow him the whole way, you will feel instantly It’s not good, so the crystals are rotten, and I don’t want to output. I don’t understand that teammates need support. Such teammates are not worthy of Yao’s support.

Seeing something is wrong, no matter whether he is a jungler or a shooter, don’t follow this teammate anymore, your mentality is broken, you are declared dead, you can’t be saved, don’t try to influence this blackened teammate, give him up, let him be If the ground is rotten, it is not even responsible for the game, and Yao’s assistant is not responsible for the rotten teammates.

The third minefield: Headwind teammates

Surrender affects the mentality, and often the team is killed in the team battle. When a teammate initiates a surrender, at first you don’t find which teammate is secretly making a trick, and after a long time, you guess that the teammate against the wind is unhappy and wants to end the game. Headwind teammates refer to heroes with poor performance, such as 0-8 shooters, no assists, no heads, but they are killed many times, and they are assassinated when they exit the tower. There is no game experience at all. The last one, Yao must not follow this kind of teammate.

Isn’t support supposed to help weak teammates? Seeing death and not helping him, what should he do if he will be rotten? Wan Yao must not be sympathetic, because the thickness and hardness of the shield of her ultimate move are determined by her teammates.


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