Play Yao can’t have sympathy! Follow this teammate carefully. (Four)
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Play Yao can’t have sympathy! Follow this teammate carefully. (Four)

Play Yao can't have sympathy! Follow this teammate carefully. (Four)

Yao Yao can’t be sympathetic, he needs to know how to choose, do n’t think that the disadvantaged people need help, in fact, the teammates with the wind need Yao sister more, follow the trend and push the strength to another strength, Yao’s combat power is also improved because of the teammates , the thickness of its ultimate shield depends on Yao’s spell strength and HP, and the hardness of the shield depends on the development of his teammates.

It can be seen from this that teammates with higher economy usually have more sets of defensive equipment, higher resistance, coupled with Yao’s possession shield. You said that Yao in double row likes love more than Jin Jian, but it is a pity that the shield is too weak One blow, on the other hand, the shield is as hard as iron when following a teammate with a high economy. Imagine that one is the jungler with the highest economy, Han Xin, and the other is a descendant who was caught suspicious of his life. Who do you think will be stronger?

Teammates against the wind are indeed pitiful, but Yao’s mechanism does not allow you to have any tolerance, you are strong when you are strong, and you are overflowing with love, maybe it is more suitable to use a hard support, especially Niu Mo and Zhang Fei, whose defense is high enough, The most suitable bodyguard for shooters, with a higher chance of turning against the wind. The poor descendant, you can only comfort with words, the canyon is so cruel, you can’t let the resources, he will find a way to develop successfully in the later stage of the adult, and it will not be too late to follow, this is a wise decision.

The fourth minefield: single hero

Just mentioned that Yao needs to be with the teammate with the highest economy, the hardness of the shield will increase with the increase, so how to brush the economy? The Warrior Economy team ranks second, because most of their gameplay is single-band, self-destruction all the way, and they rarely join the team. Li Xin, Miyue, Cheng Yaojin, these heroes love to play single-band stealing towers to distract the enemy’s attention , attracting everyone to besiege, allowing teammates to take the opportunity to develop, steal dragons, or push down the defensive towers of other branches.

The economy is high, as Yao, do you need to follow them to prevent being killed by walking alone? Absolutely not! These heroes with strong single-lane ability can carry, fight, and run. The movement speed is amazing. Yao is not needed at all. Later, it will be a disservice to me. If the sex is not enough, you will have to turn the other party to rescue you at that time, which will cause the single belt to be very difficult, and the hands and feet will be tied.


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