Pioli says a good result against Chelsea would help lead the group and boost confidence
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Pioli says a good result against Chelsea would help lead the group and boost confidence

Milan boss Pioli spoke to Sky Sports ahead of Milan’s Champions League group match against Chelsea.

Milan will usher in the third round of the Champions League Group E group stage on October 6, away against Chelsea . In this regard, Pioli said that they are well prepared, they will face strong opponents and usher in a difficult game. Chelsea ‘s new coach has changed a lot in the two games since he took office, but Milan is also very good and hopes to play its strengths.

Regarding Milan’s many injuries, Pioli said that this season’s schedule is very intensive, so injuries may occur. While some players are injured and unable to play, they will send other players. Pioli also said that he has a well-staffed and reliable team, who will play their strengths in the manufacturers and try to create pressure on opponents.

“Both sides want to play well, we will try our best to control the game, but we need strength and talent to do better. I believe that the last two rounds of the group stage are decisive for qualifying. If we can get a good match in this game As a result, it will help us get ahead in the group and boost our confidence.

Pioli also mentioned several Milan players, “Giroud and Tomori are two top players, they form a great team with the rest of the team. I am very happy to coach them, they always give their best All in. Leo has done well in Serie A and he’s happy for that, which seems to me to be the most important thing.

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