Pelita Jaya Bakrie Recruits New Coach for IBL 2023
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Pelita Jaya Bakrie Recruits New Coach for IBL 2023

Pelita Jaya Bakrie Recruits New Coach for IBL 2023

Wednesday, October 5, 2022, through the Instagram account @pelitajayabasketball, the club introduced a new trainer. Where to replace Fictor G. Roring the old trainer. Djordje Jovicic who’ll replace him where the man is from Serbia.

His appearance brought Fictor G. Roring back to the position of Director of Basketball at Pelita Jaya. The appearance of Jovicic also adds to the long list of Serbian trainers who have worked in the Indonesian basketball league.

Jovicic’s background is relatively intriguing. He studied at the University of Belgrade from 1995 to 2000. He took the Faculty of sport and physical education major. Also continued his education at Basketball Academy Belgrade and earned a Master of Basketball. From his educational background, we can find out how Jovicic’s capacity is to handle the basketball platoon.

Jovicic started his career as a trainer from the smallest position. Where he held the U16 and U18 youth brigades in several Serbian professional clubs. Jovicic holds BC Radnicki Jugopetrol, BC Atlas, KSB, BC Superfund, BC Giurgiu and BC Sloboda.

Also he was promoted to assistant trainer. In 2015 he came assistant trainer of Fyrom or Macedonia National Team until 2016. His career rose to the point of being appointed assistant trainer of the Serbia U18 National Team in 2017. Not only that, he also served as assistant trainer of the Serbia U20 National Team in 2018.

He moved to China to trainer the BC Beikong Fly Dragons U20 platoon in 2019 to 2020. In 2021 to 2022, he came the head trainer of BC Partizan U18. Djordje Jovicic is on the list of 226 men’s basketball trainers in Serbia.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, Serbian basketball trainers have been attacking them since 2018. First, of course, the entry of Rajko Toroman. Where, PP Perbasi incontinently appointed him as the trainer of the Indonesian National Team.

IBL 2023: Pelita Jaya Bakrie rookies Coach from Serbia

Also came the name of Dusan Ignatov who had handled the Indonesia soldiers team. A platoon that contains youthful U18 players who have shared in the 2018- 2019 IBL exhibition.

After that, at IBL 2020, Satria Muda Pertamina Jakarta used the services of Milos Pejic. The 53- time-old Serbian trainer managed to bring Satria Muda to IBL 2021 titleholders. He also managed to bring Indonesia to win the 2021 ocean Games gold order in Vietnam. Where the palm came history for Indonesian basketball. Now Djordje Jovicic followed them to Indonesia.

Of course, Jovicic’s presence is a new stopgap for Pelita Jaya, who failed in the final in the last two seasons. Pelita Jaya has actually used the services of foreign coaches. He’s Benjamin Alvarez Sipin III of the Philippines. Still, he failed to bring Pelita Jaya to palm, and only lasted one season. Now the stopgap of winning Pelita Jaya is in the hands of Djordje Jovicic


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