One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (two)
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One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (two)

One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (two)

The pressure tower with line is the strength of dark letter , what is the advantage of light letter? Unlike Dark Letter’s face-to-face output, Guangxin relies on skills to release the sword energy of light and deal burst damage, and you have no chance to get close.

The dark letter is suitable for stealing the tower, the light letter is first-class in the tower, and the sword energy used by the charging attack will take the hero and the line of troops away together. Guangxin’s attack is like a long-skilled magician. He doesn’t have to dodge left and right, but also basic attack, and he can throw his skills from a distance. The sudden sword qi in the chaotic fight didn’t show up, and it was too late to escape.

Hua Mulan

Congrats to Mulan on the list again, not only is she a timeless warrior, but her strength after level 4 is even more disappointing for players. Before level 4, Hua Mulan looked like a rat crossing the street, and was looked down upon by opponents. Before upgrading her ultimate move, she was in the form of a light sword, with only the first skill to move, and the second skill to throw a short sword to slow down. It was used for marking purposes. The skill has a silence effect.

If the short sword thrown by the second skill is not retrieved in time, the CD of the skill will be longer. It is not that the strength of Sister Mulan in the form of the light sword is too low. It’s just a way to escape.

damage by combo

Most light sword skills are more suitable to be used together with the epee form. Using the attack speed and movement speed of this skill, after approaching the target, then change to the epee form, hit a continuous attack, and a high amount of charge attack to instantly kill the opponent. , so that the enemy has no power to fight back.

Smart enemies who know how to avoid the range of the charged attack, then change their form again, rely on the skill of the light sword form, and continue to pursue the attack. The two are used separately, and the effect is not good. After level 4, unlock the epee form, switch the dual-form skills, hit a series of attacks, and the damage of the combo will be filled immediately. This is the real female warrior, Mulan of the King’s Canyon!

There are more than 100 heroes in the canyon, and the warriors who have transformed after level 4 can be limited to two. Friends, don’t forget to follow 77577 Sports , please continue to pay attention to the next article to reveal for you who will abuse your opponent after level 4. The third soldier!


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