One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (three)
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One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (three)


Both Li Xin and Hua Mulan rely on their ultimate skills to unlock new forms to deal amazing damage. Without any form, Li Xin’s combat effectiveness is lower than the shooter’s basic attack. When there is no imposing sword qi, clearing the line is a problem, not to mention fighting alone. After level 4, it is different. The attack attribute of the original skill has been strengthened and evolved into a secret letter. As for players who like sword qi attacks , can be replaced with light letter, release long-range skills, can attack and defend.

Hua Mulan’s light sword form has high attack speed and high movement speed. After hitting the enemy with one skill, it will unlock the second stage of displacement. Unfortunately, the heavy sword form is her real source of damage. The light sword is just an auxiliary, making it close to the target. You have to wait for the fourth level to unlock the epee mentality, cooperate with new skills, and play continuous control.


The armor before level 4 is called “Kai’er” by the players. It seems like a little boy, and the battle is obviously weak. One skill throws a whirling knife that can be bounced multiple times. After hitting the target, it causes deceleration and damage, and when the blade is retrieved, it is Restores HP, increases movement speed and attack speed. As for the second skill “Ultra Blade Storm”, slash twice in the designated direction, the first slash will cause damage, and the second slash will knock the enemy up and strengthen the basic attack at the same time.

Compared with Li Xin and Mulan, the armor before level 4 is stronger. To fight a war of attrition, Brother Kai has one or two skills, and he has a slashing skill at close range. If he is hurt, he will continue to throw the blade to restore his health. He bought a few pieces of attacking equipment. The damage of the two skills is very considerable. What kind of divine power will the armor after level 4 gain?

Demon Armor

Unlocks the armor of the ultimate skill , and the hero’s attributes are comprehensively improved. After the magic armor is attached, it strengthens its own 100 physical attack, 50 movement speed, 70 damage block, and deals 60 magic damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds for 8 seconds.

These 8 seconds are the critical moment for King Armor. The intensity is soaring, and the combat effectiveness is full. With the slashing of the second skill, the enemy can be sent to the west with a slap at any time. Adding the first skill can slow down. Where to run?

Although his ultimate move won’t add any new skills, after his attributes are enhanced, he can’t be ignored when combined with equipment damage and defense.


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