One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (Four)
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One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (Four)

One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (Four)

The warriors mentioned in the previous articles are a big skill with a wide range of fields to unlock new forms. Li Xin and Mulan have new skills, which can be switched randomly and used in combination with each other, while the armor improves its own attributes and increases its combat effectiveness. After this warrior has the ultimate skill, the strength has indeed increased several times. Players should not misunderstand that only heroes who change their form will be strengthened. Some warriors rely on the ultimate skill to create a variety of skills. The skill instantly kills the opponent.


Bodhidharma , a warrior, has a good appearance rate. He almost disappeared in the low-end game, but he was played by the great god of the high-end game. Hit you against the wall with one punch first, then add 64 palms of gossip, until you doubt your life. If the reaction is fast enough, use flash in time. If you are lucky, congratulations on avoiding everything, but I am afraid that you are dying, please keep running forward and don’t look back.

Leaning against the wall is taboo

Let’s talk about Bodhidharma’s ultimate skill “Manyan · Purdue”. He will throw a super punch forward, causing damage and knockback to the enemies within the range. The enemy who happens to be knocked back hits the wall. It will take an additional 150 physical damage and be stunned for one second, and Dharma, who successfully knocks the enemy back to the wall, can unlock the second stage skill, kicking in the designated direction, causing 150 physical damage, and with the target 20% Physical damage that damages life.

Skill convergence

After understanding his mechanism, you will find that Bodhidharma’s ultimate skill has two skills, two control, and three damage. A simple description is to knock back first, deal damage, if hit a wall, then damage, be stunned, and compensate for the damage, so everyone should understand the purpose of Bodhidharma’s ultimate move. It can be seen from this that when encountering Bodhidharma, remember not to walk against the wall. If you are accidentally knocked back to the wall, you will suffer more damage in the future, not counting the damage of the first and second skills.

Bodhidharma’s gameplay has always been based on big moves, squatting grass or flashing, trying to find a way to knock the enemy off the wall first, take advantage of the short-term dizziness, add a second skill to quickly hit five palms, and then use the first skill to punch again. Fly control, and finally use the flying kick of the second stage of the ultimate move. A set of continuous control and damage, the blood volume has been consumed seventy-eighth. The next article will introduce the fourth soldier to you, remember to stay with us !


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