One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (five)
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One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (five)

One day and one place, there is no doubt about the strength after the fourth level. (five)

Who would have thought of Dharma after level 4. After adding a big move, the explosive power is so amazing. With one skill alone, there are several more damages. The first and second skills never lack damage, but they lack a big move to start with. The use of other skills, a series of attacks, make the opponent unable to parry.

Not only that, but Tianmei has recently launched specialized equipment for Bodhidharma and bought “No Phase Heavy Fist”. This passive makes the ultimate move larger and knocks back farther, but the beheading damage attached to the second stage skill is reduced by 50 bar. fairy. Another passive “Strength Advancement”, when Bodhidharma’s extra life reaches 2500 points, the stun duration of the ultimate move is extended by one second.

From this, it can be seen that with more specialized Bodhidharma, the control effect is better, ensuring that the enemy will not escape his Wuzhishan. The ultimate skill enables heroes to improve their attributes, develop new skill connections, and unlock new forms.

Cheng Yaojin

Cheng Yaojin ‘s ultimate skill is different from the previous warriors. There is no so-called skill coordination or skill connection, and there is no new form, but it is only used to restore blood. With the ultimate skill “Justice Potential”, Cheng Yaojin is passionate about justice, recovering 8% of his maximum life per second, and at the same time increasing his movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds.

HP is linked to attack

How did the ordinary HP return to raise Cheng Yaojin’s strength to the ceiling level? His attack power is closely related to his blood volume, and his passive skill “Forget Your Life” will increase his physical attack by 3 to 7 points for every 1% HP lost, which means that the lower the blood volume, the higher the attack power.

Although using the displacement and slashing skills of the first and second skills also consumes 16 percent of the current life, but within three seconds, the lost life of the eight percent will be returned, and the purpose is to increase the skill damage. There is not much blood left, and there is still a big skill to return blood to ensure the survival rate and endurance.

The blood recovery level of the ultimate move is terrifyingly high. One button will instantly fill up the HP of his tank , telling you how to kill him, and it also has the effect of increasing movement speed. Many times players use the ultimate move while chasing and hitting them. Pi, the opponent’s frequent basic attacks can’t completely offset his recovery speed. Obviously, he has exhausted his skills with all his strength, and his health has not decreased but increased, which is shocking! When encountering Cheng Yaojin, remember to give out the nightmare of sanctions in the early stage and restrain the recovery, otherwise there is a high chance that it will not be delayed in the later stage, and the advantages will be taken over by the opponent.


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