Officially bid farewell to the S28 season, you need to pay attention to these matters in the new season. (two)
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Officially bid farewell to the S28 season, you need to pay attention to these matters in the new season. (two)

Officially bid farewell to the S28 season, you need to pay attention to these matters in the new season. (two)

If you start the War Order early , you don’t have to worry about not having enough time to upgrade the War Order to the full level. The extra War Order Coins can still be used to exchange for other rewards, draw treasure chests to get skins, and get lucky with high-quality skins. These hundreds of coupons will finally be returned. Ben, this is the reason why everyone likes to buy Season Battle Passes. It’s cheap and cost-effective. The price is purely half the price of an epic-quality skin, and the benefits are endless.

Not only that, the unused Battle Tokens can be kept until the next season, and you can continue to redeem rewards. After all, the purchase of fragments and points is limited, and some newbies worry that they will not be able to upgrade in time if they start halfway. At this time, you have to consider whether to buy the collection of Battle Tokens. . The S29 Season Collection War Order has been officially optimized, with new benefits and six more privileges.

First of all, the nobility points will be doubled. For example, if you spend 1288 points, you will have 2576 points, allowing players to quickly upgrade the nobility level. It is rumored that V7 nobles have added the legendary Irene skin. Players who want to take the skin home as soon as possible , the collection of battle orders will be more suitable for you. In addition, in order to highlight the quality of the battle order skin, the skin tag will be upgraded to dynamic.

After the war order level reaches 80, you will get an epic-quality skin. The skin of the S29 season belongs to Zhong Wuyan’s “Superspace Warrior”, and the holders of the war order can experience the skin for 30 days first. The most worth mentioning is of course the team halo of the collection war order. After you have the exclusive team halo, you will notice that the upgrade speed of the war order has been significantly improved. The exclusive avatar frame and the Glory broadcast are the benefits of the War Order of the Collection.

Hero Personalization

As we all know, there are more skin customization systems this season. After clicking into it, you can see from the panel that the system allows players to customize hero skins and their in-game special effects, including trailing, defeating special effects, returning to town special effects, glory broadcasts, personalized buttons, personalized actions, etc. After integrating all the special effects, it will be much more convenient to replace the skin or match the star element parts in the future. Of course, the cost of saving time is to pay first, intentionally replace all the special effects with the same series, and continue to spend some coupons.

Don’t rank

After the update, the first task is of course to continue to score points. It is best to advise players not to play ranked first. After a while, the new hero Haiyue will be launched. After starting, there are many players who practice heroes in the game. Unfortunately, it may be lost like this. segment.



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