Official: Schalke 04 appoints Reis as head coach
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Official: Schalke 04 appoints Reis as head coach

A week after Frank Kramer was sacked, the Bundesliga Schalke 04 club finally announced their new coach. According to the official announcement, Kramer has been replaced by former Bochum coach Thomas Reis, and the contract period is unknown.

On the day of signing with Schalke 04, Reis immediately led the team for the first training. His first opponent is Freiburg on Sunday, followed by Bremen, Mainz, and Bayern Munich ahead of the World Cup.

Thomas Reis

Thomas Reis,​ 49, had only two seasons of experience in Bochum before joining Schalke. It was during his tenure that Bochum returned to the Bundesliga after 11 years, and achieved the goal of relegation to 13th place the following year. In the new season, Bochum only recorded 1 draw, 6 losses, and 1 point at the beginning, and it was at the bottom of the standings.

It is worth mentioning that the defeat against Schalke 04 became the last straw for Reis to be dismissed. After the 3-1 defeat to Schalke, Bochum sacked Reis and signed Thomas Leitch for two years.

There are many indications that Reis is not the first candidate for the Schalke 04 managerial change, but the club’s choice after failing to bring in Labbadia and Tedesco as they had hoped, and the departure of Rouven Schroder from Schalke for “personal reasons”.

Aim for relegation

Schalke hopes that the arrival of Reis can help the team avoid relegation, and the coach himself is well aware of this. He expressed his confidence in the relegation success in the official announcement: “This is a huge challenge, but I firmly believe that the team has the necessary qualities to jointly achieve the key goal of relegation.”

“I am very happy to be a part of Schalke 04. The conversation has been going well since the first minute. Schalke’s incredible success story started with promotion to the Bundesliga last season, and we hope that by staying in the Bundesliga again Add a new chapter.”

Get ready for the rest of the season

Thomas Reis also has the full support of Schalke director Peter Knabel, who said in the announcement: “We are very pleased to have Thomas Reis as the new coach of Schalke 04. We believe that Thomas is the right person for the job.”

“We have to do our best to get as many points as possible in the four games leading up to the World Cup in the short term. For us, using the winter break allows the team and the coaching staff to do as much as possible for the 19 games before the end of the season. Being prepared is also very important.”

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